l'estro armonico - Johann Plietzsch - Trumpet

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Festive Baroque Music for Trumpet, Strings & B.c. | Johann Plietzsch & Ensemble l’estro armonico Berlin

Johann Plietzsch & Ensemble l'etsro armonico Berlin

The fame of the trumpet in ancient times based on its wonderful and splendid sound. But first it had a nearly only military importance - but so high important that the trumpet players at the courts of kings and princes had a high level of privilegues. At the beginning of the 17th century, the trumpet arrived more and more in music. Like a rocket! - or better a comet, the trumpet increased its levels in music till the end of Baroque times. Most of the baroque-time composers apreciated the trumpet because of its broad possibilities in sound and expression- from martial-military to splendid cantabile!

The ensemble l'estro armonico (harmonic inspiration) is named after the titel of the twelve concerti for violins and string-orchestra by Antonio Vivaldi, published in 1711. The "spiritus rector", the Doublebass-player Toru Takahashi, engaged young japanese string-instrument Soloists for the ensemble to follow the "harmonic inspirations" of theese masterpieces of the baroque music in a very high professionality. With and beside the knowlegde of historical playing techniques and articulations, the musicians of "l'estro armonico" want to inspire the audience with a lively and modern impulse to the early music performance tradition.

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