Suschke & Plietzsch - Johann Plietzsch - Trumpet

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Suschke & Plietzsch   
(Piano & Trumpet)

Both musicians are united in the joy to discover and a very great interest in several epoches and styles of music. From medieval till the classical modern music, from romantic till Avantgard, Jazz and improvisations.
Fine concepted programmes, with a special art-overarching content. That's Suschke & Plietzsch!

Matthias Suschke studied Piano an Compostion in Berlin (with Prof. A. Asriel) and Organ in Leipzig with Prof. W. Schetelich. He lives in Berlin as a freelance musician (piano & organ-player, composer, arrangeur & orchestrator. Beside his concert-career as organ-player and with by him founded crossover-Ensemble "Berlin CreativArtOrchestra" and within the Trio-ensemble with Uschi Brüning & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Matthias suschke wrote a lot of compositions for Cinema, Movies, Theater and other stage-music.
As arranger of movie scores he worked for the ZDF, arte a. o. TV-stations. He has a steady and very intensive cooperation with the "Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg"
Matthias Suschke is teaching at the "Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen" Potsdam and at the "DEKRA Medienhochschule" (Arrangement/ Orchestration/ Book on style).

Programme example I

Autumn - Dream & Reality  - Music for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet and Piano
Avantgarde, Jazz, Sound-Pictures and Improvisation

...the very last, little warming rays of sunshine in the year, remembering spring and summer, and then, in the early dawn – fog, raindrops – and in the air the preception of winter... symphony of falling coloured leaves...  with its ambivalency the autoumn is not clear definited like the other seasons - a hesitant hinge between dream and reality...

Music by Claude Bolling, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Allan Botschinsky, Jean Franciax, a. o.

Johann Plietzsch – Trumpet, Piccolo-Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet
Matthias Suschke – Piano

Programme example II

„Where does the Trumpet comes from?“ – A musically journey through music history
Johann Plietzsch – Trumpets/Flugelhorn & Moderation
Matthias Suschke – Piano (small organ)

Matthias Suschke and Johann Plietzsch invite you to a musically journey through the history of the Trumpet over centuries. From the very first beginnings till our present time, from only-military-used signal-type instrument to the first music-instrument of king's an princes, from the smooth cornet of the romantic epoche to the Jazz-trumpet, and modern Avantgarde - a very challenging journey with a lot to discover!

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